The new Finekay®

sizing program calculates the venting requirements for normal and emergency venting of atmospheric and low pressure storage tanks according to the new ISO 28300 Standard.

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Finekay® Culture
We are engaged in presenting an open and easy-going leadership style as well as the horizontal organization structure for all our personnel, which is a continuously perfect process. Although it generates the low staff flow rate, it supports our ambitious development plans which expand the distribution of the back-fire relief valve in the global business. Besides, through the design and development of the new technology of the back-fire relief valve, we realize a new height of the technology leadership. 

Finekay® of Vision 

•Establish an incentive environment and let our personnel feel proud and satisfied with their work
•No matter where you are, you can enjoy our services because we cover all corners of the world
•To make more contribution to the environment and the security

Finekay® of Core Value 
Respect team concentration and dedication 
•Through trusting and supporting each other, we show the teamwork spirit
•Through working hard, we keep improving
•Through investing your time and effort, your work will be approved and you will get the new opportunity