The new Finekay®

sizing program calculates the venting requirements for normal and emergency venting of atmospheric and low pressure storage tanks according to the new ISO 28300 Standard.

1988 Invented the Deflagration Flame Arresters and applied for a patent.
1989 The brand - Finekay got access to the application.
1990 Founded the Finekay Company.
1994 According to the latest technology, established the professional traffic test room.
1994 Approval of hydrogen Deflagration and Detonation arresters.
1994 Developed the safety-valve applicable for the low temperature storage tanks: emergency cut-off valve at the tank bottom and low temperature pilot valve.
1995 Establishment of the company's own testing centre for the testing of Deflagration, Detonation and endurance burning arresters up to DN 300.
1996 The Deflagration Flame Arresters with the temperature probe was installed in front of the burning furnace.
1996 The liquid flame arresters applicable for all levels of explosive.
1997 The Flame Arresters suitable for the fan and the vacuum pump.
1997 Acetylene Flame Arresters
1997 Obtained the certification of DIN ISO9001 Quality Management System.
1998 Through the study of the precombustion effect, developed the pipe Detonation Flame Arresters of the blast mitigation. It applied for a patent for the blast mitigation design ( SWGTE®).
1998 Developed the fully enclosed 10% overpressure valve disk, realizing the minimum leakage. The patent of 10% overpressure valve disk was applied.
1999 Various Flame Arresters achieved American and International certifications such as USCG and FM. Also, it was approved by DIN EN14001 Environment Management System.
2000 A series of high-temperature & pressure Flame Arresters were authorized.
2002 Got the first IIB3 certification of the Flame Arresters resistant to the long-time stable combustion.
2003 Invented friendly maintenance Detonation Flame Arresters.
2004 Developed the Detonation Flame Arresters utilized for the of instable chemical substances.
2005 Invented the Flame Arresters resistant to the long-time stable combustion of alcohol and substances including alcohol.
2006 Invented the first Flame Arresters resistant to the long-time stable combustion of the hydrogen.
2008 Invented the first Flame Arresters aiming to the pipe Detonation proof of carbon disulfide.
>>Finekay®-founded in 1990