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sizing program calculates the venting requirements for normal and emergency venting of atmospheric and low pressure storage tanks according to the new ISO 28300 Standard.

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Finekay® Company Profile

   Finekay® is a pioneer in the field of global steam, process safety and flow-control solution. It also provides the advanced products and services in this industry as well as meets your changeable demands. We will be your good partner supplying the equipment protection solutions. Our target is to offer the advanced feasible solutions for you, helping your company has a safer and more environment-friendly future. 
   Finekay® was founded in Florida in 1990. It has had the advanced manufacturing and test facilities there. Besides, it has set up another manufacturing center in China. Till now, it still keeps further developing its explosion back-fire relief valve and unstable explosion back-fire relief valve. These devices have been strictly tested according to the relevant national standards and international standards. Today, Finekay® is still the global leader in manufacturing atmospheric storage tank products such as pressure/vacuum relief valve and gas protection regulator. Its decompression products have protected the refinery, chemical process plant and fixed roof tanks for over 20 years, from the large oil depot to the single tank protection. 
   Finekay® possesses a set of program for the independent development of hydromechanics stimulation design and testing device. It applies the advantages of the computational fluid dynamics(CFD) to imitate the system features so as to study the flow characteristics including the research of flow mode and prediction of the pressure drop. This information can be used for optimizing the design of the particular use. Meanwhile, it avoids the expensive factory test. Undoubtedly, the company has been equipped with the flow test laboratory where the pressure drop and the volume rate of the flow of various back-fire relief valve and breather valve can be tested. 
   Finekay® plays a leading role in the global business. It provides the key products for each important industry. From the steam to the process security, we depend on our innovative concept and thoughtful mind to continuously break through the bottleneck. Also, we utilize the professional knowledge to provide the prospective protection for the most important resources, equipments and infrastructures through the deep cooperation. 
   Our professional knowledge and dedicative quality will be turned to be the efficiency and safety, trying our best to show what we promise. To protect the environment and benefit the next generation, we will provide you with our innovative solutions, high-quality products as well as comprehensive services.