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Project Data
Quotation-No. Order-No.
Project-No. Project Reference
Valve/Flame Arrester Tag No. Tank/Vessel-No.
Storage Tank / VesseI
Design Standards
Design Pressur(mbar/psi) Height(mm/ft)
Design Vacuum(mbar/psi) Wall Height(mm/ft)
Pump-In-Rate(m³/h/cuft/min) Ins. thickness(mm/in)
Pump-Out-Rate(m³/h/cuft/min) Gas Fill(step)
Stored Product| Offgas/ Vapor-Composition
Name Component CAS-No. Vo1.% Flashpoint℃/℉ Haz.Group MESG mm/inch Ex-Gr
Process Data
Operating Temperature(℃/℉) Design Pressure(bar/psi)
Medium Temperature(℃/℉) Operating Pressure(bar/psi) Back Pressure(mbar/psi)
Bistance to source of ignition(m/ft)
Valve and Flame Arrester Data
Size nominal DN Flow V(m³/hcuft/min)
Pressure nominal DN Density(kg/m³lb/cuft)
Inlet Flange Outlet Flange
DNPNform DNPNform
Set Pressure(mbar/psi) Set Vacuum(mbar/psi)
Allowable Pressure Drop△p(mbar/psi)
Pressurized Parts Internals lining
Material Certificate Works Certificate Performance Certificate